I Can Be What I Want To Be — 9-27-2015


 I CAN BE WHAT I WANT TO BE                                                                                                










Written by Sadie-Judge-Kimbrew December, 20, 2008 Honored with the Prestigious Editorial Choice Award by The International Library of Poetry




The Wilshire Grand Project — 9-13-2015



The Wilshire Grand Project, when finished will be the tallest build in Downtown Los Angeles and the tallest build west of the Mississippi.

According to a Los Angeles Times article it will be build to defy severe quakes and will be seismically chic.

Pathways To Success — 8-30-2015

Pathways To Success
Pathways To Success

‘Pathways to Success’ is a site-specific 3D mural designed by Rogers Park ICAMP youth. The work, travelling over three walls, was inspired by energetic graffiti art, positive community energy and youth involvement. The course of life can be challenging at times and inspiring at others. The five vibrant colorful bands take undulating courses, starting from our homes and families in the Inglewood community (Everybody Counts), crisscross, collide, overlap and embrace as they make their way towards the tree tops of individuality, inspiration and creative success!

Adwin David Brown and Christopher Mercier were Art Team Advocate and Lead Artist

The Broad Museum — 8-16-2015


The Broad is a new contemporary art museum built by philanthropists Eli and Edythe Broad on Grand Avenue in downtown Los Angeles. The museum, which is designed by Diller Scofidio + Renfro, will open to the public in 2015. The museum will be home to the more than 2,000 works of art in The Broad Art Foundation and the Broads’ personal collections, which are among the most prominent holdings of postwar and contemporary art worldwide. With its innovative “veil-and-vault” concept, the 120,000-square-foot, $140-million building will feature two floors of gallery space to showcase The Broad’s comprehensive collections and will be the headquarters of The Broad Art Foundation’s worldwide lending library.

For more information on The Broad and to sign up for updates, please visit www.thebroad.org.

Growing up with sticks — 8-9-2015




When I lived in Decatur Georgia I discovered a nature trail that connected to a park near my house. At the time there were no new subdivisions there.  It was only about a mile or so in distance, but I’d often take walks there in the evenings both summer and winter.

When my son Austin was born I’d carry him in my arms and on my shoulders along the same path since he was too small to keep up as the grass and bushes were taller than he. When he was about two or three years of age I let him walk with me.  He couldn’t really keep up since he was still pretty small. The bushes and grass would slow him down since there was very little maintenance on this trail.

As he struggled to keep up I’d find a small tree branch to give him to beat back the bushes that were slowing his progress.  He got a big kick at wacking the weeds. So much so that when ever we went on that trail or any other wooded area he’d pick up a stick to wack anything in his path.

The first photo above was taken along a dirt path/road in Alabama when he was about three or four with one of his favorite sticks he collected along the way.  It was not uncommon for him to collect 10 sticks or more over a weekend of walking in the woods.

The second photo was taken in Alabama along the same dirt path/road just a few months ago.  In that photo he’s 18 years old, 6 ft. 3 in. weighing 300 pounds with his current favorite hickory stick he talked his uncle into giving to him while we there visiting.

He’s not so much into walking in the woods now since he’s discovered other things like football, girls, texting, surfing the web, instagram, facebook and what ever else teenagers are into these days, but he still likes his sticks.

Backyard Grapes — 7-05-2015


This growing season yielded a good amount of grapes, but they were not as sweet as I’ve had from this vine in the past.  Maybe I need to add some kind of nutrition before the growing season.  Growing grapes is a work in progress, since planting this vine there has  been only one previous harvest that was better than this one.  The vine was much younger then and was not as long.  I’ve had seasons where the grapes started to grow and burst, another time the grapes really didn’t grow before they wilted and fell to the ground.

We’ll see what happens next year.

Truck N Barn — 6-28-2015


One of the things I  enjoy when visiting the south is driving along county highways and small roads looking at things that have been left where they are for years.  I see quite a few old vehicles, old houses, barns, and outbuildings.  I’ve written in the past of how these things are often abandoned for years and left to rot and rust away in their own time.  It’s as if it takes a lifetime for them to be reclaimed by the earth, from which they came.

A Reminder — 6-21-2015


I enjoy stopping by the road-side to capture images such as this.  These type of structures are usually found along small highways and roads in areas where big city sprawl and sub-divisions haven’t bulldozed them over (yet).  Old worn structures like this remind me of our past as it contrasts the current race to make every bigger and reach skyward.

The High Museum of Art — Atlanta — 6-14-2014


The High Museum of Art

Last month while in Atlanta I had a few hours between photo shoots.  I took a quick detour to Midtown Atlanta to visit the High Museum of Art.  The block on which it resides is also home to the Symphony, the Alliance Theatre and (SCAD), the Savannah College of Art and Design.  When I attended art school there in the early 80’s it was The Atlanta College of Art.

This was my first time visiting the museum since I left the art school.  Needless to say everything is very different now, with all the new construction that happening around atlanta. I’m almost lost here. The timing was perfect as there was a large exhibition of Gordon Parks photography, the now deceased African American photographer. Gordon Parks also author books, painted, he was a film director, and he also wrote music.

Atlanta, Georgia is the home of Coke.  The well know coke bottle is 100 years old this year and there is a grand exhibition in another wing of the High Museum. Needless to say, I had a great time at the High looking at mostly the Gordon Parks exhibition since this was the only exhibit of his work I’ve seen.  The views of the surround building from the massive windows of the High Museum were also pretty spectacular.

Two hours well spent!

High School Graduation — 6-7-2015



On May 21, 2015 I attended the high school graduation of my oldest son Austin. It’s the first graduation I’ve attended since my own high school graduation. At this graduation I was one of the many parents there extremely happy that their child was one of the many that had chosen to see their education through to this final night. Many high school kids are not completing their courses and are not able to wear the cap and gown to show they have earned a place at the graduation ceremonies.

Whenever I think I’ve given him enough information to make it on his own in this world, I remember another thing I forgot to tell him and think about picking up the phone to call him. Fortunately I don’t call because I’d have make that call many times.

I believe there’s a point where we (parents) have to let go and let our kids experience life for themselves. We’ll never be able to tell them how life is and have them really “get it” without them experiencing it on their own.

Fortunately Austin will be leaving soon to start the next phase of his life and education at Mississippi Valley State College. Because of his athleticism on the football field he was awarded a scholarship to play for the college, and because of that his responsibilities in the classroom and on the field will grow exponentially as so much more will expected of him on a day to day basis.

College will be the next phase in his life. I wish him luck and success.  I hope he remembers, I’m just a phone call away.



I’m in Atlanta photographing and interviewing more couples for my next book on marriage: “Always & Forever, Love” African American Success Stories of Marriages 20+ Years Strong. Between scheduled appointments I was fortunate enough to connect with a fellow photographer friend of mine who showed me the new BeltLine around the 4th Ward. When it’s finished it will encompass 22 miles of what was once Atlanta’s rail line.

The above photo is titled #TinyDoorsATL it’s a small (Pun intended) piece of the many works of art along the walking path of the BeltLine.  There are others along the path, but since they are very small you really have to look for them.  I only saw this one after a few other people pointed it out.

Japanese Memorial—5-17-2015






Japanese Memorial at Fish Harbor

On a recent drive around parts of the  Port of Los Angeles  I discovered this Japanese Memorial @ FIsh Harbor (Terminal Island) and learned a bit of history of the area. The text below was taken from San Pedro.com.

San Pedro has a memorial that is overlooked in many of the tourist guides. It is a Memorial to the Japanese Fishing Village on Terminal Island.

In 1941, 3,000 first and second-generation Japanese made their homes in an area of Terminal Island known as East San Pedro. The Japanese Fishing Village was next to Fish Harbor. Most of the local residents worked in the fishing industry. Approximately 250 fishing boats were owned and/or operated by the residents. Most of the local people, not working on the boats, worked in the many fish canneries that were clustered together on Terminal Island. Because Terminal Island was somewhat isolated, the Terminal Islanders developed their own culture and even their own dialect. The people called their close community village “Furusato” which translated literally means “old village”. An English equivalent would be “hometown”, “native place” or “home sweet home”. Read more…



Cockatoo Hotel—5-10-15



Cockatoo Hotel

Some years ago I stopped by the Cockatoo Hotel. I stopped there because I remember shooting events there when it was opened, but as time passes things changes and the hotel closed.  By the time I stopped there it had been closed for quite some time as the parking garage looked as if people were dumping discarded items there.  The hotel itself was all but falling down.

The old hotel was torn down and replaced with a new hotel owned by Choice Hotels.  It’s now a Comfort Inn,  all new including the parking garage with pool. The only thing that remained the same is the sign, but it has new neon light and a fresh paint job.

Backyard Grapes—4-12-2015


Grapes—Luv um!

I shot this photo a few weeks ago as I walked along my backyard grape vine.  I planted this vine at least 4 years ago.  When I got the plant there was a small clump of grapes already growing.  They were very sweet, so I thought I’d get lots more of the same when the vine matured and started producing.  The following year there was nothing. After that I got enough to eat for quite some time. The next year I was very excited because there were lots of small grapes, as they grew they burst and dried up. This year I thought I’d at least document the process just in case I get a crop I can be proud of. There are a lot of small grapes just like these along the length of the vine, so only time will tell.

Spring Time—4-5-2014


Good Friday, and Easter (today) occurs days apart during Spring.  Birds hatch and chirp for food, bees pollinate budding trees, and all things green begin to grow again. The smell of grass being cut throughout the neighborhood is carried near and far by the gentle Spring breeze, signaling the beginning of a ritual that will continue until winter.

This Spring and Summer here in southern California, for some of us there may not be much grass cutting happening as our Governor has mandated the residents reduce water use 25% statewide because of the drought. The new catch phrase is “Brown to be the new Green” meaning you’re not allowed to water your lawns more than once a week unless you’re using grey water to water your lawns.

Motel Sign—3-21-2015



Driving along U.S. interstates and highways you’re bound to see old neon signs such as the one above from times long gone. Often times it seems the sign is the last thing to be torn down. I’ve seen at least one hotel that has been torn down, but the sign was left then years later another hotel was built and the sign from the demolished hotel was used. (The old sign was repainted and made to look new).  It was a nice change to see the old sign used with the modern construction of the new hotel.




A lot of things don’t matter until they become personal. Skating has become personal in our house.  My son skates, and as a result he talks about it—-a lot.  That’s o.k. because he’s very interested in skating, or rather skateboarding.  A friend of mine gave him a skate-board years ago but he wasn’t very interested in skating then — I’m not sure what the trigger was, but now he lives for skating. I showed him how to ride since I skated all over Long Beach growing up.  Things were a bit different then—-I don’t remember us doing all the fancy tricks people are doing with skateboards now.  We just rode to have fun and get from point A to B faster than walking.





As a photographer I look for things that are just a bit out of place in plain site.  Things that would go unnoticed or would only get a quick glance if seen at all. The above photo is just one such image, but it’s one that would not get a glance at all because it was found in the rain gutter on a second story apartment building.  Not too many people would be in a position to see this image at all. I wouldn’t have seen it had I not been making repairs on the building from a extension ladder about 40 feet off the ground.  When I saw it I made some excuse to climb down to get my camera because it was an image I knew I wanted to capture since it’s something not many people would get the opportunity to see.  I’m not sure if anyone would give it a second look, but it was interesting to me.

Morning Dew—-02-22-2015


After removing my rear bumper over the (Presidents’ Day) holiday weekend to paint I left it outside to dry overnight. During the night fog rolled in and left beads of moisture over everything I left out. The image above is of one of the license plate light housing.  I was able to get extra close using the super macro setting on my Fujifilm x30.

Happy Valentines’ @ Union Station–02-15-2015


It was Friday evening around 6:15 I had just left work where I was putting the finishing touches on yet another article for my upcoming book: “Always & Forever, Love” African American Success Stories of marriages 20+ Years Strong. As I drove home on the 101 freeway heading north I could see the Metro building @ Union Station with lights on several different floors lit to make the shape of a heart. As I came closer to the Alameda exit I decided to take a little detour to see if I could get close enough to take a photograph.

Saturday was going to be Valentines Day and I’m sure the heart made with lights was not going to be there no more than another day or so.

There really was no  question as to getting close enough to get a photo.  The real question was will there be a place to park close enough to allow me to get out and walk.  Well, fortunately for me the parking gods were watching out for me.  I was able to pull into a parking lot directly across the street from Union station and walk around to get images from several different angles.

End of High School—02-01-2015


Graduation ceremonies will take in May for my son Austin and thousands of other high school seniors all over the United States. I’m sure other parents like myself and his mom are hoping they make the best decisions they can in order to grow into contributing adults, which will lead to a meaningful life. Being at the crucial age of 18 and feeling they have more control of their lives and how they live could prove beneficial providing they take their time and make the best, and or right decisions.


Walt Disney Concert Hall—01-18-2014


Saturday morning I finally had an opportunity to take my daughter on a photo-walk of downtown Los Angeles after many weekends of promises. We started on 7th and Los Angeles where I parked the truck (in a parking lot; I didn’t want to get a $93.00 parking ticket on the street by forgetting to add money to the meter) and began our walk by heading east, towards skid row. We didn’t venture too far into skid row, I just wanted to show my daughter a bit of the area and let her see for herself in person everyone’s life is not as easy as hers.

We walked towards City Hall stopping by the Los Angeles Police Department and shooting there and eventually to the Walt Disney Concert Hall.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, this building is one of my favorite places to photograph.  I don’t remember seeing very many straight lines or square corners there. I shoot lots of photos each time I visit.

We left there and walked across the street to Grand Park, walked along Temple street where there was an anti-abortion parade in progress.  We then walked back down Spring and over to Broadway where we stopped at McDonald’s for Sweet Tea to quench our thirst from walking most of the morning. We make it back to the truck a little past noon.   We arrived downtown around 8:00 A.M.  We both made lots of images and my daughter learned a lot more about downtown Los Angeles.

On The Road—01-11-2015



This the view of my drive back to Atlanta from Atmore Alabama. I made a quick overnight trip there to see family since I was only 4-1/2 hours away. I drove down around 12:00 noon Thursday, hung out for a quick minute and got back on the road around 12:00 noon the following day (Friday). I had to be back in Atlanta to see my son’s last high school football game. (Truthfully, there were a few more games before the end of the season, but this was the last time I would be there before the end of the season.

I Arrived in Atlanta a week earlier as I wanted to catch two of the last games. I scheduled 7 couples to interview and photograph for my next book on marriage which took that whole week to finish, so this was the last week to get everything else done including the drive to Alabama. The weather for the week was perfect. The temps were in the 70’s every day. I photographed most everyone outside to take advantage of the warm winter weather.

The weather was great everyday except this one.  The night before I left Alabama it rained and the temp dropped a bit to the 60’s.  It seemed the weather was finally turning cold.  It’s now October 31st and this is usually the time it gets pretty cold; now that it’s starting should have been no surprise. Driving back to Atlanta I drove in and out of rains that were slight mists, sprinkles, to full on downpours and the sky in the above photo is what I saw all the way back to Atlanta, or at least until it was dark and I couldn’t see the sky. Living in Southern California the skies are hardly this dramatic as our rainy season has hardly been rainy these past three or four years seeing as we are still in a drought.



Muffler Man Sighting—12-28-2014


Exiting the 10 freeway near Cal State L.A. on City Terrace Drive I spotted this muffler man standing on the corner at a auto repair shop. These muffler men are no longer manufactured but you can still see them around.  I happened to see this one my way back to work. I took a different route than usual, as I had gone out looking for things to photograph.  I’ve posted other muffler men on this site also.  If you’re interested in seeing more there’s a website: Roadsideamerica that lists all the muffler men by city and state.

LAX — 11-30-2014


Living near Los Angeles International Airport provides a nonstop opportunity to watch planes of all sizes, both commercial and military on their final approach to the airport.  At any given time there are at least 5 to 10 aircraft lined up to land on both, north and south runway.

Fall–Stone Mountain Park—-11-16-2014



The Grist Mill–Stone Mountain Park–Stone Mountain, GA

Stone Mountain Park was a place I’d go for exercise. When my son was about three years old started going to Stone Mountain park to climb the granite rock that is known as “Stone Mountain”. As a three year old he didn’t view climbing “the big rock” as he called it work or exercise. He saw it as a place where he could pick up sticks to walk with and wack any and everything within swinging range.  The fact that he would be climbing the mountain (something not easy for everyone to do) meant he’d have more things to swing his stick at.  I’d often have to remind him to go slow and conserve energy to complete the trip.

It’s been years since we’ve climbed the mountain.

This time I wanted to find a good location to shoot yet another couple from the area for my upcoming book.  The Grist Mill pictured above was the perfect place to accomplish this.  I wanted to make use of the sunlight and the beginning  changes in color of the leaves and use the Grist Mill as a bit of background.

I arrived early to scout the location and find the place I wanted to shoot.  The couple was a little late which afforded me opportunity to walk around the area and capture more images of the fall colors.  I also had time to sit and enjoy the warmth fall sun.

All things worked together to make for a great morning of shooting and enjoying nature, and nature photography in Stone Mountain Park.



About a week ago I was in Atlanta interviewing and photographing couples for my “Always & Forever, Love” followup book. The couple I was photographing on this particular day gained access to this small lake for their photo shoot.  Since it was the end of October the leaves were in the process of changing colors before they fell for the winter. I’ve been in Georgia many times during this time of year, but for whatever reason I’ve not photographed the the fall colors on the trees.  I suppose it was partly because I’ve been a people photographer and that has been my main focus for most of the years I’ve been involved in photography.

Making digital captures has caused me to step out of my comfort zone and shoot a variety of subject matter. If you’ve been visiting this site you see that I shoot whatever interests me regardless of what it is, and I do that because I no longer shoot images exclusively to get work, which means I’m not concerned with what might be said when there are so many different types of subject matter presented here.

High School Football—11-2-2014


I’ve come to Stone Mountain Georgia to attend my son’s last two regular season games. Playoffs start next week.  This is his last year of high school and I didn’t want to miss all of his games as a senior.   Since I live so far away I’m not able to be a very active participant.  In all honesty, I’m not much of a sports fan. I’m supportive as it relates to him doing his very best at whatever he does, but I’m not the same kind of die hard sports guy like some men are.

Piedmont-Park — 10-26-2014


Midtown Atlanta as seen from Piedmont Park

In a post on titled “Midtown Atlanta” Loaded to this site on 7-14-13 I shot a similar image as that above to show the growth and development of the Midtown area of Atlanta.  I’m in Atlanta now working on my next book and just yesterday I visited the same area in the park to take a look at the view I photographed a few years earlier; the above photo is the most recent image of the same view.  As you can see there has been lots of growth and change that has happened to this and other areas of Atlanta.  The most notable change I saw during this trip was the transformation of  the “Buckhead” area.  There were very few buildings I remembered from the last time I visited.  I was quite surprised at the sheer denseness of the area.  The mall I frequented as a college student has taken on a whole new look along with what seems like every other building in the area.

Change is a constant occurrence!

Midtown Atlanta—7-14-13

Midtown Atlanta—7-14-13

Midtown Atlanta—7-14-13

12 Years of Marriage!—10-12-14



12 years of marriage is a great accomplishment, but it’s significance seems to be different from the 10 year mark—10 years of marriage was really something to look forward to because I’d never been past four years previously. It’s said the seventh year of marriage could be difficult because of the “7 year itch” but fortunately I was not been affected. I’m sure there are all kinds of other sayings and such, but fortunately I’ve not had the time to have any of them darken my doorstep.  I’ve been quite busy working and assisting with kids.  I say assisting because I find myself working so much I’m hardly at home to do very much more than assist.

When I look at the kids I can see the passage of time as it relates to their age and growth but there really is no measure for the passage of time as it relates to marriage (unless there’s a lot of drama) —— time just seems to pass.  It’s no wonder  some of the couples I’ve interviewed about their married lives say they don’t know where the time went.  I’m beginning to experience that myself—-as my wife and I live our lives together days become weeks become months then years with each years seemingly passing faster than the previous.

My oldest son graduates from high school this coming May and that is the most real and concrete measure of the passage of time. When my youngest graduates from high school my wife and I will have been married 18 years……still not a member of the 20+ Club. By that time there will have been lots of stories and lots of adventures we will have experienced together.

364 days until year 13!




I see the Chicken Boy each time I’m in the area, (Highland Park) but it took some time to stop and photograph him since I’m usually working.  He reminds me of the Muffler Man I see on south side of the 405 freeway going to Long Beach.  I’m thinking it was probably made about the same time since the only thing different is the head and instead of the hands in the position for holding a muffler he’s holding a bucket—a bucket of chicken I would guess since his original home was in downtown L.A. atop a  restaurant that served chicken.

Heres’ a link if you’d like to read The Story of the chicken Boy.

Camp Marston Treehouse—09-7-2014


Y’s Men International

The above photo was taken today, the last day of the Y Service Club International Pacific Southwest region 67th Annual Convention held this weekend at Camp Marston in Julian, California.

From Inglewood, California where the hosting Y’s Men chapter is based the drive to Julian was about a 4 or 5 hour drive depending on traffic and the route taken. Camp Marston is approximately 4,000 feet in altitude which meant driving lots of curvy road to get there. If you don’t mind steep inclines and lots of curves it’s a great drive.

The Convention began on Friday approximately 6-P.M. and lasted until the closing ceremonies today (Sunday) at 10:30.  This was my first convention with the Y’s Men of Inglewood although my wife and kids have attended quite a few others. Upon arrival at camp we checked in our cabin. There were about 8 cabins. In each cabin there were a least four individual rooms with six bunk beds in each. Families were assigned their own rooms with some of the teenagers sharing a room.  That was  great because our 14 year old made friends with some kids from the Jackie Robinson chapter in San Diego and bunked with them. Each cabin had separate mens and women’s bathrooms with 2 showers in each shared by everyone in the cabin.

This was a great Convention because there were plenty activities for the kids. Since Camp Marston is a YMCA camp they had a full list of activities that included the use of the archery range, paintball slingshot, the BB-gun range, the climbing tower, the pool, the basketball court and soccer field.

One of the service events the Y’s men (myself and kids) participated in was splitting wood for the wood burning heaters in the fireplaces of  each of the cabins, offices and meeting rooms.

Everyone I met and spoke to had a great weekend!

Parks Make Better Life—08-20-2014




This mural was painted by youth from the Darby Art Action Team with D. Botello and W. Healy of East Los Streetscapers and Michelle Glass, painted in June 2014. I attended the design stage of this mural as a small group of approximately six youth gathered along with Mr. Healy and Michelle Glass in a meeting room at Darby Park in Inglewood , Ca to draw images to be painted on the mural above. The theme of this mural was to show different activities happening at this park (Darby park) and what people do while they’re there.  My two kids were part of the designing stage and helped paint the mural.

Art and art education maybe lacking in some school systems, but projects such as this are happening all around us.

Little Bike—-8-17-2014


As I approached the corner store, I saw this bike near the curb and I immediately pictured a little girl in the store buying candy or some other tasty treats.  I imagined her living a few doors away and her parents watching from the sidewalk as she peddled her bike down the street like a big girl.

Before entering the store I snapped a few photos, or as people say now in the digital world, “I made a few captures”. Entering the store there was no one there other than the owner, myself and my friend Russell who was acting as my tour guide during my stay  in Oakland. I could not help wondering where that little girl was or why there was a bike there with no rider.  I suppose it’s things like this that makes us form all kinds of answers, situations, and stories…..the little things that look out of place………..





Yesterday I was reminded of the times when men would go out into the woods, fields, streams and elsewhere on a mission to bring home dinner.   During those times hunting large game such as deer, elk, moose, seals and whales guaranteed many days, and sometimes months of meat–depending on how the meat was preserved and stored.

The idea of the man being the hunter/gatherer came to me  while onboard a fishing boat leaving the Santa Barbara harbor. Onboard was approximately 40 men/fishermen (including one female and about five kids ranging in age from 9 to 16) with the intent of bringing back enough fish for dinner.

Full disclosure: Since this was a sport fishing boat not everyone onboard was really going out to catch fish for dinner. I overheard someone comment as we left the boat after fishing all day,”Most everyone on this boat is married, so that should tell you why most of them are here.”

I’m not a fisherman, but I was planning on having fish for dinner providing I caught anything. The idea of fishing as I see it involves a lot of patience and luck from the fish gods. I fished when I was young, but the fish gods never blessed my pole with the magic fish loved enough to accept my bait. As a result the last time I held a pole in my hands in an attempt to catch fish I was in my early teens. Yesterday was the first day of my current attempt at catching fish.

It is my thought that the fish gods remembered my failed attempts as a child and blessed me (along with the other 40 people on-board) with our limit of  fish.  I don’t say that out loud since I’m sure no one would believe me since sportfishing is a business complete with boats equipped with sonar of some sorts that locate large schools of fish.  One simply have to bait their hooks, drop them into the water with the appropriate lead weight and let it drop to the bottom of the ocean. Sometimes fish sacrifice themselves to the bait before it hits the bottom.

Although very tired from reeling in my catch along with the soothing therapeutic motions of the ocean. I was able to dine with family on fish I caught with my two hands and a borrowed pole and reel. All of this was because I decided to take a day off work to get away with a good friend and pretend it’s an attempt to be a hunter/gatherer/fisherman.




July 4th, 2014 came and went while in Palm Springs, California. That night a fireworks show took place at  Palm Springs high school.  Temperatures were in low 100’s but that didn’t stop what seemed like nearly everyone in the city from showing up with their coolers, drinks, food and family.  They brought the dogs also.  It was a great show!

The Big Chair—-6-29-2014


This is one of those instances of something just grabbing my attention.  I’d driven by this large chair during my work day, but as things happen; I either didn’t have my camera with me or I didn’t have time to stop and photograph it.

The sheer size of this chair is what caught my attention. After seeing it; I immediately began to contemplate the process by which it came to be in this parking lot. I haven’t come up with a concrete method at this point, but I’ve imagined the chair being dropped there by helicopter, to being brought in by a semi in one piece, (it’s probably too large for that) to being brought there in pieces then put together.  I believe the latter to be the most believable, since I know of artists that work with large materials and they transport their pieces on the beds of semi trucks to be assembled on location, but—-I could be wrong.

However it was accomplished the fact that it’s there was enough to make me take notice and come back to photograph it.

Deluxe Style—6-8-2014



Here of late I’ve been shooting  small table-top products.  Product photography is something I’ve never been very interested in,  although I’ve assisted on many product shoots for advertising and commercial campaigns. I’ve shot a few jobs of my own, but my calling is people, or rather portraits of people.  In this day and age of digital photography I’m finding it’s quite rewarding to set up a shoot of some small product as a self-assignment. I’m often very pleased with the end results.

While speaking with a long time friend of mine (David Champion) I asked if he would be interested in letting me photograph a few of his cars. He makes model cars, but to say that would not be short changing his skills. What I should say is; he an artist when it comes to model cars.  Some years back his pass-time was bringing Volkswagens back from the dead by totally rebuilding them; he did all things automotive from welding, bodywork, interior, exterior, engine, wiring and painting.  At the same time he worked his magic on model cars, by changing sedans to coups, chopping tops, lowering suspensions, custom painting, switching body parts, updating older models and all sorts of other things.

When he agreed to my request; I had no idea he was going to build a garage set complete with people and an operating lift!  I was pleasantly surprised! The above photo is one of the setups he created on his kitchen table.

Since Table-top product photography is done on a table or some other small surface it works for me since I can take my gear anywhere to get the shot without having to rent a studio.

Self-Assignments are a great way to keep the photographic juices and mind working to create images.